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Papers & Publications

China - The new superpower?

  • Where is the money honey? - capital and money markets
  • Investments in and by China
  • Syncing with the trade partners
  • Armed forces and trade impact
  • Building blocks of infrastructure and industry
  • Technological advances
  • Human resource development
Petrocurrencies: Euro-denominated pricing of crude oil and its impact on global economic shift
  • The petrocurrencies
  • Manifest Subterfuge: Economic wars
  • State Dynamics: US, Russia, Iraq and China
  • Escape the destiny: Recommendations
Microfinance in India: Putting the sector on a fast paced growth track
  • Models in practice
  • RBI & SIDBI initiatives
  • Regulatory & other challenges
  • Coping mechanisms
  • Case study
Power Sector of India: Market organization and opportunities
  • Deficits and opportunities
  • Regulations
  • The ground reality
  • Foreseeable solutions
  • The changing landscape: Mergers & acquisitions
Basel II Norms: Scope and implementation issues in India
  • The three pillars
  • Impact on Indian banking
  • Preparedness of the banks
  • Failure of Basel II
  • Basel III: Light at the end of the tunnel
The New Dream: Vibrant Indian Debt market
  • Introducing domestic, foreign and Eurobonds
  • Interplay with money market instruments
  • Issues with FCCBs and FCEBs
  • Committee recommendations
  • Improving the depth of the Indian bond market
Awakening of Brazil
  • Investment scope & challenges
  • Government initiatives
  • Weakening of Real
  • Health of the capital markets
  • Trade and taxes